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Imagine if you could use your unique beliefs, values, and motivations to solve problems in the world...


What is Actualize?

Actualize is a Fortune 500 Company-sponsored student-run organization that empowers students to use Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to their advantage. 



What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence, or EQ for short, is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships empathetically. At Actualize, we take that one step further and teach you the value of EQ in a business environment.



How does Actualize help you?  

Our goal at Actualize is to make you a better leader by boosting your emotional intelligence. We do this by helping evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, then teaching you how to use your strengths, and how to improve your weaknesses. At Actualize, we focus on self-reflection to help you realize where you’ve been to help get you to where you want to be. We’re very big on self-growth and push you to be a better person, and therefore, a better leader.


How does Actualize help the community? 

We want to dismantle the stigma against working on “soft-skills." We plan to start in the UF community by showing the importance of soft-skills in business. In addition to teaching about soft-skills, Actualize plans volunteer activities to give back to the Gainesville community through out the year. We believe that one of the best ways to gain emotional intelligence is to work with people of all sorts of cultures and backgrounds, and see things form a different point of view

Why is Emotional Intelligence Important? 

When companies receive thousands of applications, you need to go out of your way to differentiate yourself from other applicants. Companies are going to want people that are easy to work with, and easy to promote.

How we do it:

  • Blended learning approach - focus on activities and experiences favored over lecture- apply what you learn as you learn it.

  • Discussions - bring real world experiences to the forefront to illustrate and reinforce the implementation of EQ practices and spark meaningful relationships with peers and mentors.

  • Real world opportunities - we go out into the community for a hands-on approach

  • Guest Speakers - To gain education outside of the class, to hear different perspectives, and to learn what businesses are truly looking for in their employees

  • Scroll down to see a break-down of how we boost emotional intelligence below! 

"Emotional Intelligence is what sets great leaders apart from the rest"

- Harvard Business Review

WHAT will we learn? 



Why do I have certain beliefs, values, and motivations?



How can I recognize and understand your beliefs, values, and motivations?



How can we build a beneficial and rewarding relationship with one another?

(Effective Relationships)


Grow your knowledge of emotional intelligence and reflect on how it impacts your life 


Learn to use self-assessment to check yourself for emotionally intelligent behavior


Use discussion time to understand and relate to your peers' perspectives 

HOW will we learn? 

Challenging Activities

70-20-10 Rule

Center for Creative Leadership's recommended "Blended Learning" Approach




Content & Readings

Developmental Relationships

WHY should we get together? 

For students wanting to answer the question

"Am I doing the 'right things' to be successful in college and my career?" 

Choose a Career

Build a Network

Find a Mentor

Gain Experience

Be a Leader

Gives me Fulfillment

Aligns with my Values

Motivates me

Keeps me Interested

Suits my Personality

Knowing what to do

Doing what I know


Our Team


Jupiter Jones

Angelli Lalta
Vice President

Denisa Stavri
VP of Involvement

Jacob Coleman
VP of Finance

Ledian Linares
VP of Marketing

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