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Fellowship Program

The Real Leadership Development Experience

Getting Started

The main focus of each of our Fellowship Program sessions is experiential learning, that means from when you arrive to when leave, you will be practicing leadership development. But before you practice, you have to know what you will be practicing! 

Before each of our sessions, we ask you to please read the necessary content to fully prepare yourself for the experiential learning activities that await by clicking the 'Pre-Session Reading' button below each of the topics below.

In addition, after each of our session please take some time to give us feedback on how we can improve each session and further enrich future students' experiences by clicking the 'Post-Session Review' button.

Thursday, January 19th

Friday, January 20th

Program Preview Session


Thursday, February 2nd

Self-Awareness Part 1

Thursday, February 23rd

Self-Awareness Part 2



Thursday, March 16th



Thursday, March 30th

Systems-Awareness Part 1


Thursday, April 13th

Systems-Awareness Part 2


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