Member Points


Point Prizes

Have other questions about the point system? Want to add your own ideas on how to earn points? 

Please feel free to talk to the leadership board before and/or after meetings, or reach out to us on our soical media linked below! 

"If you are tuned out of your own emotions, you will be poor at reading them in other people."

                                                                          - Daniel Goleman 

This semester, Actualize is revamping it's member points program! This is the way that the leadership board can keep track of what members go to meetings, attend events, and so on! Also, you can get great Actualize swag and earn your certificate though our program! 

five Point

  •  Attending a meeting with Actualize shirt!

  • Follow us on social media

    • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Slack ​

fifteen Points

  •  Attend AND work a Fundraising Event 

  • Attend volunteering event 

ten Points

  • Bring a friend to a meeting

  • Attend a Social Event 

  • Attend meeting (GBM)

  • Attend a Social Event 

Twenty Points

  • Bring a guest speaker 

    • must be pre-approved by leadership board​

Point System

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